Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cradle Robber...

The body man who is going to be pulling the front end stopped by the garage to look at Project Green for the first time. He said the job would be much much easier if he had a good radiator cradle to weld in after pulling the subframe. He's the guy who pulled the front on my '95 LSi wagon a few years ago and had mentioned to my dad this weekend that I must like Subarus. He commented with a grin to me that my Impreza OBS looks like an AMC Pacer. I won't hold it against him, though, because he's a nice guy who does great body work...and he's probably right.

He suggested we drill out the spot welds on the donor car and pull it off that subframe. So, Dad and I soon begn drilling away at he spot welds. Man, there were a bunch of them. It soon grew into a one-man job, and dad is the one who actually did he grunt work to pull this thing off.

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