Friday, March 28, 2008

GPS Update...Change of Plans Needed

Well, I was excited about the console placement of the PDA/GPS unit, but while doing some around town experimentation, I discovered that a combination of the low placement and tilted angle of the PDA, a bad glare on bright days would pose a serious hindrance. So, I may be forced to use the included mounting arm/bracket. I’m going to look at the possibilities of modifying the actual PDA holder to mounting directly to the pillar. I want something that looks clean, and after I hook up power and audio cords, a regular holder to windshield install would look cluttered. Attached directly to the pillar, I can drill a simple hole in the plastic trim and conceal most of the wires.

That being said, I have been playing with the unit in my LSi wagon this week. I really like the setup. A maybe-cool thing about having the PDA located above the dash is that the PDA’s camera can shoot live video. Not sure when I’d need or want to shoot any driver’s-perspective video, but it’d be a possibility if I ever wanted to.

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