Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hatch Swap!

Not a big deal, but I swapped hatches yesterday. I figured this would be easier than taking apat the two spoilers and changing them over. Plus, Project Green had a stupid dealership decal stuck to its gate, so now I won't have to remove that. Taking the hatch off the donor car wasn't very hard, and I was able to do so by myself. A helping hand made lining the bolt holes up a bit easier after I placed it at the new car.

Now, when you remove the hatches, you also must disconnect wiring harnesses on the passenger side and the washer fluid hose on the driver's side. They are not right at the top of th hatch, but rather deeper down in the car. The washer fluid hose will be black and will detach from a fitting that's on clear tubing that runs up the rest of the car.

And, here it is on Project Green:

(Don't forget to also switch over your lock if you ever do this...)

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