Sunday, March 23, 2008

PDA/GPS Custom Install: PART ONE

Well, I received my PDA in the mail I'd won on eBay. Not so sure how I got lucky enough to snag this for $20, but I'm glad I got it. I was thinking on devising a method of mounting this thing in the headliner, kind of back from the reaview mirror some, but I think I've decided on a better place. Better as in easier for me to get it to work. :)
I removed two of the little coin holder inserts and the remote contol for the side mirrors from the center console. I should have just enough room to slide the PDA in behind a newly cut and smoothed opening right there. I plan to cut a slot on the driver's side of the console so I can slide the PDA in and out when needed. Yes, the cut is very rough--I'll clean it up and smooth it out after I make sure this can actually work. (This is off the donor car, so I still have my own console panel if it won't work.)

One thing I'm unsure of is if the Bluetooth will work on the PDA with it partially concealed within the center console. I haven't received the GPS sending unit yet, so I'll have to do a test run when that comes in. If not, I may have to resort to the dorky little flexible arm holder that every other joe has...

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